My Curly Girl Method Journey


My name is Antoinette i started the CG Method (Curly Girl Method) on the 21 of this month im really excited about it….and i absolutely love my but as a lot of people have doubt is the method for them…my porblem is getting the confidence

Ive always been natural so im no newbie of being natural ive had my hair pressed my whole life!

old picture though

Now the on the left  is a silly one lol  but any ways  that picture was taken last year and my hair length has been about the same and the one the right is a very old picture my hair is a  tad bit shorter

I decided to go the CG Method because I wanted a healthier full head of hair and i didn’t know how to achieve it i just assumed good products and a monthly trip to my beautician would cut it for my natural hair in way i did ok but i noticed i had heat damaged hair horrible spit ends etc.. so i googled some things I found out the CG method and looked on how the rules worked for a bout a week and decided to do it.


  1. No Shampoo
  2.  Avoid silicon’s, sulfates and anything that will coat and/or dry out your hair (i.e Isopropyl alcohol, wax, mineral oil, etc)
  3.  No heat (i.e. flat ironing, blow outs. etc.)
  4.  No styling tools, (i.e combs, brushes, picks, etc.)

Now the CG method states no combs but there are some that i have talked to who have used combs but WIDE tooth combs ONLY for detangling your hair when its wet and have conditioner it…The CG states that you should use your fingers like a claw like to detangle your hair…but I personally prefer using the WIDE tooth comb

Love my results!

After following those easy steps my results were really good!

My hair is sill wet I have tons of shrinkage to do lol

So after the whole wash & gone was done my hair was dry in the picture on the right…

Its not all perfect but i love it! but i have yet to figure out how to get 2nd day hair but after the my 2nd day hair all i wanted to do was pull it back in a ponytail and i did came out really good 🙂

Before & After

So if anyone would like me to do a blog post on the products i use i would be happy to btw check out the new group on Facebook  embracing your natural curls this is for every one for every curl pattern 2A 2B 2C (Wavy) 3A 3B 3C (Curly) 4A 4B 4C (Colily) 

The Facebook group is for every one who needs help or just want to talk all about curls or have questions or even just want to talk about fashion/ hairstyles so lets make this group a huge success!


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