I’m excited!

Ok so I meant to blog about this yesterday but I’m just now doing it lol but any ways on my day 6 CG Method my curls were more defined! I’m so happy…there were actually about three things I changed in my routine
1) I rewet my hair longer than usual
2) u put on a shower cap after I got my hair wet while I finished showering
3) took shower cap off  then re-wet my hair again but then I tired using cold water to finnish it off I heard this works decided to give it a shot
4) applied my conditioner then my gel then u plopped this really really helped with the frizz I also think this have me more defined curls

This little small routine change gave me great results! I was able to do 3 day hair! :)(:

CG Chronicles-onyxcurls
CG Day 6 week 1


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