Day 8

Ok right now as I type im deep conditioning my hair…that’s right I broke down and bought a deep conditioner lol but any ways I already notice a difference in my hair!!! I absolutely love this DC this going to be my staple product for sure!
In about 10 min I’m about to rinse this out and try my new leave in Its by EO and I have another EO as my RO (RINSE OUT) I love the one I used as my rinse out that also worked well!
Ok so I just rinsed the deep.conditioner out and applied my new leave in ok so far I love my new EO leave in it smells great! The only thing I dislike is I don’t have more slippage as I did with my tresemme naturals but my hair did take well with it and so did my LA looks gel which is the prefect pair 🙂
I’m loving my results now I just gotta get it to dry!

I also tried something a tad bit different and i still got the same results i got tired of having my hair wet for a very long time like my hair takes for ever to dry like seriously it takes 12-15 hours to dry tops! instead of having my hair soaking wet i just decided to have a towel and just sit it on my head for just a about 5 seconds on the back since it takes forever for that section of my hair to dry and then i did the front the same way but for about 2 seconds and then i started to apply my conditioner for as usual and if i needed some more water i just spritzed my hair with water…simple as that!

so this help my hair dry with like 4hours our less i always hated to go out with my hair wet fearing of getting a head cold…..and seriously head colds are no fun! i had one!…but i know since its summer i did go ahead and take my chances since where i live its 93 degrees outside and thats without the humidity! lol so im guessing its 98 with humidity lol

well any ways i now have a new method and im sticking by this i love this cause my hair dries in way lesser time! 🙂 my products that i use will be posted up very soon im not quite sure but im hoping by Wednesday of next week


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