Ok so i know i promised that i would post my new regimen and most loved products that i have used thus far i havent expermented that much but i did buy 2 new conditioners and a new deep conditioner…

My regimen is not always the same

Once a month I wash my hair with Vo5

Mondays I deep condition with L’orel eversleek

Wednesdays I do my wash and go i just rinse out with EO essentials Lavender and aloe conditioner then i apply my leave in which i switch up every now and then with Tresemme naturals or EO essentails citruis conditioner (this is my leave in) then i apply my styler which is lA Looks sports gel

repeat friday

skip sunday then back to monday!

now sometimes i skip a few days because i have a busy schedule and i work alot sometimes i do go ahead and do 3rd day hair but i make sure i deep condition i never ever skip a week for deep conditioning that is the main and important thing!

now some of the produtcust listed have been discountined both the EO conditioners i listed are no longer available but i did found them on and i think ebay the only thing i hate that when i get used to a product it gets discountinued 😦

this was just a quick post next post want be sloppy im sorry


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