Month: July 2012

2 months and 14 days


It’s now been 2 months and 14 days! My hair is so soft! I wonder if I’ll ever press my hair again…cause right now I’m not so sure…my hair is on the road to being healthier than ever

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I know we all hate and loath the, word ”Shrinkage” there is really nothing we can do about it. We just have to wait until it grows out.
But I do have one simple solution and I hope this helps.
I have tons of shrinkage and I hate it! So I had to think of something to help with it.
I decided to use a scrunchy orimage

ponytail holder and I put my hair in a low rabbit tail (at the nape) and keep it there during my morning routine and remove the scrunchy after I’m done that’s about 10 mins for me. Then my curls are at shoulder length.
Now I only do this on my second day hair-3rd day hair never on my 1st day hair. For some odd reason my hair shrinks up even more at night. I know I mention this in my top ten tips but I thought I would mention this again 🙂
Hope this helps 🙂
-onyx curls

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The Sound of Rain

I love the sound of rain., The calming effects of putting my mind at ease.
Thunder strikes to let me know GOD is speaking. I wonder what’s he’s saying. So I listen quietly. Then a lighting bolt strikes near me…knowing that lightning bolt was for me a sign telling me I’m here and that God is speaking. Just listen. Then rain begin to poor down even harder….Just listen to the sound of rain….

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Review on Eco Styler

I’ve finally went to Sally’s and bought eco styler olive oil. Which I’ve been saying for weeks, that I’m going to get some and, I finally got some.


Now that I’ve tried it with Tresemee Naturals my hair loves it! I will probably will be exterminating with more of the eco styler line. Most Definitely I will experiment with the protein one.

I’ve also have to test out using vo5 with it and see how that works out 🙂

what are your favorite leave in conditioners and gels?




Also I wanted to add that All Eco styler gels will be $2.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store on August 1st so now is the time to stock up on your favorite Eco styler gels! I know i will 🙂