Happy Monday!

New week new day and starting out fresh! And I’m off most of the week which that never happens!

Now I got to find something to do! Since I have nothing planned…

So maybe i should try some new technique with my hair? I’m not quite sure what though, Maybe a twist out? Since I’ve gotten used to doing my wash & gos and i do want to do a little changing this week…

So this week will mark 2 months doing the CG method I really cant  believe it’s been that long. since I’ve been doing this my hair has become more healthier and softer and shiny so i must be doing something right! 🙂 and I’ve noticed a little length to my hair! yeah! The one reason i started this was to get healthier hair which was my only concern and to leave the heat in the past no more heat styling for me for a while that’s for sure!

Ok so back to mixing things up a bit with my wash and go’s any ideas of what i should try? Twist outs maybe? braid outs or any other thing…I know i’ll have to blog about it to show my results! let me know what you guys think 🙂

any ways i hope everyone enjoys their monday!



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