One thing to expect if you decide to go natural always expect being asked is ”How do you get your hair like that ”? And ”What products do you use”? ”How long have you been natural”? After I ask their questions most there responses are ”You make me want to go natural”

One other thing I’ve always been told is that you have beautiful hair from alot of caucasian. Since I’ve been strutting my natural curls. That was one thing I never expected in a million years! Has anyone else had this happen to them? Not that it matters I guess I’m a little shocked most caucasians stare at our hair…is staring a sign that they are just curious of our hair texture and a sign that they actually like our
But another thing I’ve learned is that, We girls who are embracing our natural curls are a inspiration to everyone who wants to go natural and those who are already natural…we blog about our journey and products we use and dislike our methods we love…and help others out there…lets keep this ball running!
Cause I’m seeing naturals everywhere I go! It’s a good sign! Goodbye for the creamy crack!



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