Have you ever noticed?

Ok, so, It may just be me but, I’ve really noticed that a lot of natural hair girly’s out there are super nice to each other..I’ve noticed that every time I go out some where there are some naturals out there are like smiling and walk by me and say I love your hair! And I do the same as well I think I actually fall into this category as well…me being extra nice to my fellow naturals…

Maybe its just a thing we do, when we are excited to some one else out there who are doing the same thing as we all are…I admit, it makes me really happy to some one else. Yeah! lol

Next thing we all do when we meet someone else we always ask “what products you use”? I know we are always are trying to find our “Hair Twin” I have yet to find mine 😦 It would be tons easier to find mine it just seem like its kind of hard to find someone i know how has 3c hair another thing we all ask how long have you been natural?

well any ways, maybe its just that all natural hair girls are just friendly lol

Have a good Sunday!

—Onyx Curls


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