Oprah’s Natural Hair!

Some news are saying that Oprah’s hair is sturring up controversy…

Some are saying her hair is not Authentic? Im not so quite sure of that. But, remeber in some of her old photos, she used to have a lot of her hair and that was her real texture by the way. Im really tired of media!

I just want to add this.

Why would she go through all the trouble to make her hair look like this? A Afro? What Im trying to say is MOST African Americans are trying to get weave in their hair with a straight texture not a kinky texture. I know i don’t make any sense right now. All I got to say is I think it’s real and it gorgeous! Go Ahead then Oprah do your do girl!

This is what i read in Style Watch

“I don’t blame non-black people for loving it and believing Oprah when she says this is her ‘natural’ hair. This is what makes actual kinky-haired women feel inferior because THIS is a LIE. This is NOT what most black women have on their heads unless they are mixed at some level and, no, you don’t have to be light to have mixed hair. “

First of all all African American women have different textures in their hair you do NOT have to have to be mixed to have this hair texture…..

Any ways Oprah if America don’t love your hair… Remember I love it keep sporting your natural hair! your an Hairspiration!

I would like to hear everyone elses opinions on this topic feel free to comment 🙂


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