Month: January 2013

Watch “Melissa Harris Perry- How black hair matters” on YouTube

I found this very interesting how hair defines our culture and how others see our hair

Part 1

Part 2


I Straightened My Hair! #naturalhair

I bet you guys have been wondering why i haven’t posted a thing in over what feels like 5 months maybe?  i’m not sure but any ways i’m baaaack! 🙂 I’ve made a few changes. For starters I updated my facebook name to The Natural Hair Community so go check it out 🙂

My blog has a changed name also. I just felt like it should be more of a community based blog and for my facebook as well which i’m on that nonstop! cant help it Facebook is addicting one of my guilty pleasures 😉 But back on subject. Im on facebook constantly and im going to try and update that everyday as possible even if its non-related to hair lol but keeping it real as usual.

New Twitter account as well so make sure you guys follow me currently i have no one following me 😦 follow me @NaturalHairComm

And another news flash I straightened my hair! but those of you who follow me on instagram and facebook you guys already know its old news.

but  yeah i know i broke the rule about straightning my hair 😦 but i really wanted to see what my new length was and i just had to break my rule…so my hair has been straight for about a month and a half i think. but here is a picture




I had a quite a bit of new growth i want to say i had about 6in of  it i was really excited! But have you know i did not straighten my hair myself i have no patience of flat ironing a blow drying my hair it takes me about 3 hours tops to do all that so i had someone do that for me. But doing my own hair when its curly only takes me about 25min to do easy as pie!

So since ive been wearing my hair straight im kind of missing the curls! I will be going back to my curly state soon enough 😉


Btw I hope you guys enjoy the New Year!