Shea moisture gel soufflé

Just bought the curling souffle I haven’t used this yet…I decided to try it out since I love the curl enhancing smoothie…so have anyone used it?




  1. I have. Its very sticky but very moisturizing. I only use it when I am installing braids. Its keeps my hair very well moisturized while they are in. I’ve also tried it on twist outs…. my hair turned into an afro after taking down my twists… lol. So yea, for now, my only use for it will be for braids.


    1. I used it yesterday and I really didn’t like it with my wash and go’s like you maybe a twist out would be better? I didn’t even like my hair the next morning (today) I saved it with a low ponytail maybe I could return it…but I’m a little sad I really wanted to like this product. I’ll give it a few more tries and see what happens 🙂


  2. Just found your blog so my reply us late but I thought it may still help. Well I’ve used this product and was confused on what exactly to do with it. At first it dried really sticky and I applied way too much. I went dancing and although my hair looked amazing by the end of the night I looked like a wet dog. I learned from a few youtube videos that mixing the product and using a very small amount is the way to go. In a bowl I mixed it with the Shea Moisture Hair Milk and have been doing so ever since. The result is soft non-sticky shiny hair. Try it out. If you live in a hot or humid climate I would not recommend this product. I live in Canada so I’ve made this my winter protective styler. Hope this helps.


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