Month: August 2013

New favorites

So I made some new purchases on a couple of facial products the other day
I bought a new toner and a moisturizer with just two uses I’m already in love!

The toner is by BOOTS its call botanics cleansing toner all bright. I know most people say they have no use for a toner or they don’t see any benefits while using a toner.  But a good toner will help shrink your pores and help remove that excess oil or remove the makeup you thought you got while cleansing your face.



Again I love it cause it does it all and a added plus it brightens your face with hibiscus. Boots always uses natural products and its paraben free.

The next one I bought is Garnier moisture rescue.  I have oily skin and this works great with my oily skin.


For starters its a gel which makes it light weight and oil free moisturizer


This is great for summer. For me I like to switch up my moisturizers to cream during the fall and winter seasons…during the winter we got to stay more moisturized!  🙂

Were to find these products:
At your local target:
(Boots Botanics toner)

(Garnier Gel Moisturizer)

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Have a great Sunday!





I love these earrings….I purchased them from eBay a little over a year ago they are vintage earrings shaped into a leaf. Every time I wear them I get so many compliments. I love wearing them with a top knot bun ♡

And here is what I wore today

A high low skirt a Michael Kors watch and a sleeveless denim jacket

Paired with gladiator sandals. I wear these sandals to death! Lol

-Antoinette aka natural489

(Skirt and shoes from Ross Dress for Less)
(Denim jacket and watch from Belk)

Photo Comparison of length #naturalhair

I did a length comparison with a 2012 photo and a 2013 picture

I’m glad my hair grows down and not outward lol
But I know one thing I’m thankful for the hair that God has  given me and blessed to be in the land of the living!  Remember all hair is beautiful! May God Bless -♡Natural489

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New Staple Products 2013

I decided to experiment on a few products to see if i could better results on my wash and gos and i did! I was looking for something that would be very moisturizing for my hair and the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is perfect! I heard people rant and rave about this product and i was reluctant to try it last year because i was happy with the products that i used then. But i’m glad i decided to try it!










My next one is Coconut Oil which i wish i used a whole lot sooner! i’m totally in love with Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil! I use this with my wash and goes. I still do use extra virgin olive oil but use it when i want to scrunch the crunch.

These are the only two new ones that I use currently but I think im going to use more of the shea moisture line since its on sale at wallgreens 🙂  The rest of my stapple  products can be found here The only thing I don’t use on that list is EO Lavender and Aloe its hard for me to find 😦