New Staple Products 2013

I decided to experiment on a few products to see if i could better results on my wash and gos and i did! I was looking for something that would be very moisturizing for my hair and the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is perfect! I heard people rant and rave about this product and i was reluctant to try it last year because i was happy with the products that i used then. But i’m glad i decided to try it!










My next one is Coconut Oil which i wish i used a whole lot sooner! i’m totally in love with Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil! I use this with my wash and goes. I still do use extra virgin olive oil but use it when i want to scrunch the crunch.

These are the only two new ones that I use currently but I think im going to use more of the shea moisture line since its on sale at wallgreens 🙂  The rest of my stapple  products can be found here The only thing I don’t use on that list is EO Lavender and Aloe its hard for me to find 😦



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