New favorites

So I made some new purchases on a couple of facial products the other day
I bought a new toner and a moisturizer with just two uses I’m already in love!

The toner is by BOOTS its call botanics cleansing toner all bright. I know most people say they have no use for a toner or they don’t see any benefits while using a toner.  But a good toner will help shrink your pores and help remove that excess oil or remove the makeup you thought you got while cleansing your face.



Again I love it cause it does it all and a added plus it brightens your face with hibiscus. Boots always uses natural products and its paraben free.

The next one I bought is Garnier moisture rescue.  I have oily skin and this works great with my oily skin.


For starters its a gel which makes it light weight and oil free moisturizer


This is great for summer. For me I like to switch up my moisturizers to cream during the fall and winter seasons…during the winter we got to stay more moisturized!  🙂

Were to find these products:
At your local target:
(Boots Botanics toner)

(Garnier Gel Moisturizer)

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Have a great Sunday!


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