How to Use Shea Moisture Curling Souffle

I decided to give SMCS

another go so i tried it four times The first time I hated it cause it made my hair frizzy and no hold what soever. the second time i was really liking the results since i tried something different cause i was like i was gonna get my 10 bucks worth so i forced myself make it work….but the second time my hair did feel heavy with to much product….the 3rd time i got totally differnt results….and you wouldn’t believe how my hair turned out.

I had a cast! no oily hair but my hair had hard/soft hold i was totally shocked! But how i did it may surprise you.

All i did was  place my shea moisture in the fridge! With it being only slightly cooled I notice that when its cooled its more jelly not as oily with room temperature.  Thats all i did and no oily hair! yeah! 🙂

Sorry the first part of post i was really rambling lol

But any way here are my results




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