DDF Revolve 400x Review

Not hair related but I bought this 3 days ago and I totally love it.  I bought it because I didn’t want to spend 150-199 dollars on a clarisonic. So this


DDF works perfect instead of purchasing the clarisonic. So I can’t make comparisons with the clarisonic and DDF I haven’t tried the clarisonic. But I can’t say that I won’t. But I am pretty happy with my DDF 🙂

Ok, so with me using this my b face is really sooth and my pores have shrinked tremendously. My face has a glow and my acne scars and bumps are smoothing out!

In the box you receive


1 brush
2 microdermabrasion foam polishers
1 6 0z microdermabrasion polisher
All for 100 bucks

Ulta has the new version the 500x

Look for it at your local ross dress for less store! Only 25 dollars!!!


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