Top 5 Oils To Use


Sometimes like me were wondering how and what certain oils do for our hair. We’ll I decided to do a top 5 oils for you guys.
My favorite is coconut oil….

it’s light in my hair rather than the other oils that I’m about to list…but I still use them but I use them when I’m using a hair mask or just add them to my deep conditioner to put a little umph in my conditioner….
First is….
Avacodo Oil- Avacodo Oil contains vitamin A, and a variety of micro elements and fights dryness in your hair.
Castor Oil- Prevents dandruff, and adds shine and softness to your hair and it also repairs damaged hair.
Jojoba Oil- Moisturizes and adds shine
Olive Oil- Helps with split ends and hair loss
Flax Oil- Cures dry damaged and dyed hair, restores hair, restores hair structures.



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