Month: March 2014

Carol’s Daughter Hair milk

So i bought some of the Carol’s Daughter hair milk line but I’m so iffy about it now.
I don’t know? But some other says it’s their holy grail of their products and the best curl defined etc best product for shine etc.
On the other hand some are saying it’s a bad product it doesn’t give them any curl definition at all.
Their pro and cons are killing me I hate to waste money on a 8 oz bottle if I totally hate the product it’s really high for it…so, what do you think?  Have you tried the product? Btw I’m not sure about the styling foam…when I got home I saw something about heat?



Natural hair bun

I decided to do a video on my bun please excuse I’m still trying to get the hang of the YouTube thing lol still got the jitters! I’m sure I’ll get over it

Old wash and go

Sometimes I know we all get lazy and just throw our hair up in a bun when it’s really time to redo our hair well yesterday I decided against it lol some of may know I absolutely love my pompadour lol well that’s what I did lol and come Saturday I’ll be wearing a bun then hopefully Sunday I’ll tackle this hair of mine lol btw I’ll do a tutorial on my wash and go Sunday if everything goes as planned 🙂 enjoy your day guys!


Conditioner Only Method


I went back to my old way for a bit…when back in the day i used the conditioner only method with a gel as my styler…I always would get excellent results with this method…Love it 🙂  What do you use in your hair?

*My hair is still went in the photos*


Conditioner Only Method