Conditioner Only Method


I went back to my old way for a bit…when back in the day i used the conditioner only method with a gel as my styler…I always would get excellent results with this method…Love it 🙂  What do you use in your hair?

*My hair is still went in the photos*


Conditioner Only Method



  1. I use Giovanni, Nature’s Gate, and As I Am hair products. When I do my wash and go I normally seal my hair with a leave in conditioner from one of the brands above, then mix jojoba oil with Shea Moisture growth milk for thin and fine hair. I always let my hair air dry, but I’m going to try to use a diffuser.


    1. As I am is one of my staples the co-wash is my favorite….I never used a diffuser but I recently bought a bonnet dryer I love it but I only use it when I’m in a rush and don’t want to go out with wet hair…but my main use is for using it when I deep condition my hair


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