Carol’s Daughter Hair milk

So i bought some of the Carol’s Daughter hair milk line but I’m so iffy about it now.
I don’t know? But some other says it’s their holy grail of their products and the best curl defined etc best product for shine etc.
On the other hand some are saying it’s a bad product it doesn’t give them any curl definition at all.
Their pro and cons are killing me I hate to waste money on a 8 oz bottle if I totally hate the product it’s really high for it…so, what do you think?  Have you tried the product? Btw I’m not sure about the styling foam…when I got home I saw something about heat?




  1. I tried the Hair Milk refresher spray from a CurlBox and I really did not care for it, especially with my wash n go. Carol’s Daughter products aren’t fully natural, which is one thing I don’t like. It also left my hair crunchy & hard after without any shine ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    What did you think about the products you bought after using them?

    1. I actually decided to return it. I’m glad i did after what you’ve told me. I think that if it was given to me i would try it it’s a small little pricey bottle lol

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