A new love

I have a new staple it’s the kinky curly custard… I’m totally in love with this gel. It makes my hair really soft after the cast has worn off.  It’s completely amazing!


I also found the perfect pairing with this gel.  Which is Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.  I’ve been using these two as a pair on my last 5 wash and goes.
What I like about this gel, I can spritz my hair a tad bit to reactivate my curls from my bed hair and you can feel the product on your hands after you fluff out your hair with water. it has excellent moisture for my hair.
The downside is the price I mean whooo! 16.99 at target wow! It’s a high little jar! But I Love It I’ll Pay The price for it lol


One comment

  1. I’ve never tried their products because their line is expensive, but I haven’t heard anything bad about it either. When I’m ready to start wearing some styles, I may consider getting some of this! Thanks for the review!


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