Month: May 2014

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Bet ya looking at the title like what is this girl talking about?  Lol 😂 any ways I just did my nails  tonight and I decided to try Galaxy Nails 🙂


Even though they didn’t come out perfect but I still like them 👍
What you guys think?                 


Last day! #sheamoisture

Tomorrow is the last day of the buy one get one free shea moisture! I know i still want to get some more! My local wallgreens is getting a little low!


This sale just had me all excited!  I love shea moisture for twist outs!  🙌
Here’s what I picked up last night. ..


DIY lip scrub

My lips seem to constantly stay cracked…I have no idea why…but I guess it’s just something that makes me, me lol but I do have a DIY that helps my lips and it can help yours as we’ll
I call it the Honey lip scrub


It’s a simple lip scrub it can be stored enough for a week


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just enough for your lips for one day or enough for use of 3 or 4 days for the week
Use enough sugar to make it gritty don’t mix the ingredients a lot to make sugar dissolve
you can add a little lemon if your wanting to lighten up your lips…like me I have two different colors darker top lip than my bottom lip.