My Natural Hair Confessions

1. I have a little heat damage in the front of my hair.

2. I am a product junkie i’ve probably have enough hair products to open a store of my own.

3. I hate it when people touch my hair without permission i get annoyed.

4. I get tired when people ask if its all of my hair or if some of it weave.

5. I made peace with my natural hair only about a year ago and accepted my natural hair texture and embraced it.

6. I get really excited when someone wants to talk about hair and products ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Im addicted to youtube i search youtube for new styles and products they use on their hair I love Naptural85 and MahoganyCurls

8. Bobby Pins gets lost in my hair all the time…dang i hate that lol

9. I dont like to do hair even though im good at i get asked all time to braid or do extension in their hair. I probably would make a killer! but my head is enough for me lol

10. I sometimes look at these pictures of short hair like pixie cuts and bobs i secretly want to cut my hair lol buuuut i look but no scissors will ever go to this head of mine unless it trimming my bad ends! lol


Got a Confession? I’d love to hear from you comment below…

Photo Source: Alex Cross





  1. ha ha urs are funny….lemme give it a shot

    1. I hate when i wear my real hair and people think its a weave, and then when i have a wig on they think its mines..its like i cant win…lol
    2. I have always been the type of person who just trims my ends, but as of yet i have been wanting to cut my hair to a tappered cut, and maybe dye it dark purple. ( i am living\
    3. Forget bobbie pins honey, my hair is so big n thick that my co-worker put a bic pen in my hair and i didnt find it until i got home and took my headband off
    4. I want my hair down my big and big as ever. My friends call me diana ross. The bigger the better
    5. I love color, and i wish i didnt work in a professional environment so every other week i could put some type of color in it


  2. hahah I agree yours was funny here is a go
    1. I also have heat damage! I have learend to live with it and slowly cut it away.
    2. I am also a product junkie! I have soo many products.. but thats how I find my gems Thank you kinky curly knot today!
    3. My name is misstee and I am addicted to youtube! hahaha I love naturalsistas
    4. Once I cut my hair to go natural, I have worked night and day to grow it back. I long to have long hair again, but natural of course.
    5. I am always interested in product talks; however, it usually leads me to buy something else. haha
    6. Bobby pins break or get lost, but are necessary for some styles.
    7. People always want to touch my hair, and I don’t like it. I do not encourage such behaviour..


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