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Deva Curl

I bought the new thing that now everyone is nearly talking about in the curly hair wold. Deva Curl decadence. I tried it out 3 days ago. I can’t say anything bad about it it’s moisturizing on my locks. So check out my next blog post which will be posted sooner than you think you’ll be shocked 😱😱😱 


Getting back to blogging!

So yes I’m back to blogging. I’ve missed it! So I’m getting back full throttle hopefully I can get a post in everyday.

Some days it’ll be about hair sometimes about life world happenings beauty tips DiY 

So if you want to hang on for the ride subscribe to my daily posts. Also you can keep up with me on IG as Narural489 now I’m not ver big on Twitter but I’m trying to get that in the mix as well I also have a Facebook page click here plus I do have other social media you can connect with me with but as of right now it’s a work in progress for my YouTube channel so I’ll see y’all here very soon! 



Ok guys we all know we love free stuff! so there is a giveaway going on at The Natural Hair Blog Directory…Some of yall may know that I manage the social sites there so with that being said you can find us in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and on The Website.

The Natural Hair Blog Directory is all about having all natural hair blogger in place where you can find who your looking for and or you can just follow everyone…our blogger post from daily life to hair tips, hair tutorials and more. So if your a blogger Sign up today!

Now down to the good stuff! The Giveaway! so click the link to put in a entry so dont miss out! we already have 400 entries! Wow!

Last day! #sheamoisture

Tomorrow is the last day of the buy one get one free shea moisture! I know i still want to get some more! My local wallgreens is getting a little low!


This sale just had me all excited!  I love shea moisture for twist outs!  🙌
Here’s what I picked up last night. ..


News and updates

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that i filmed a video and it should be up on youtube this evening…(hopefully) and now i have a few new things that i’m going to be doing now i have this instagram thing where you hashtag me #natural489 or direct tag me i’ll feature on my twitter and on my instagram page rules are all you do is repost this photo and hashtag me and say ive been featured on #natural489 and thats all you do 🙂Image I’ll repost about 4-7 photos a day if not more don’t forget that i’ll be hosting a giveaway soon! so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel twitter and instagram that would be the first rule in ordinary to win a curl box! Links are below