Understanding The Curly Girl Method

So you’re wondering about the curly girl method? wondering is it for you? Well today im going to explain whats it about and why i follow this method e8c4964d7d22c1528c8261e432b2ba31

This method in short terms is called the CG Method. with this method you avoid certain ingredients in your hair products. so if you ever seen someone on the shampoo aisle looking at ingredients their more than likely are looking at if that products has things they’re trying to avoid. Now the market has so many natural hair products out there to choose from it used to be very few. But now with the natural hair hype every product line has created some type of products that’s for natural hair.

So to simply explain the CG method you avoid

  1. Shampoo 2280662s1583913-main-zoom
  2. Heat
  3. Sulfates
  4. silicone
  5. Combs

So I bet here’s the part where your like why? Whats sulfates and why i shouldn’t use them in my hair….Well Sulfates are harsh on curly hair and most hair in general they strip our hair of its moisture. And curly hair needs all the moisture it can get. Thats why its good to avoid shampoos. There are alternatives to using shampoos there are low poos from Deva Curl you can use which is what im currently using from the decadence line from them which i love. the next alternative is what most naturalist use is what it’s called is co-washing you simply wash your hair with conditioner only. this keeps that moisture in your hair and yes it actually cleanses the hair lightly. Now i do recommend clarifying your hair with a shampoo about once a month or you can use a AVC (Apple Cider Vineger) rinse.  Shea moisture has alternatives out there as well for shampoos that’s CG friendly

Now lets talk about silicone. There are so many curly girls out there who swear by them and hate silicones me personally I have a love hate relationship with it. But someone like me i avoid them but i  do get a silicone prouduct once a year maybe a little more.. but the ones who still follow the cg method and still use silicones this is called the modified CG Method. It’s good to avoid silicones because later the cause products build up and weigh your curls down and could actually alter your curl the pattern. 

Why is it good to avoid combs and heat? well heat is a given to much heat causes heat damage and potentially altering your curl pattern and will no longer curl any more and become life less which will leading to having to cut your hair and we all don’t want that happening ever and that happened to me a year ago cause me to transition my own natural hair which was never permed ever of my 27 years of living but i had to cut it in Jan of 2017. Now on to why the avoidance of combs and brushes. that’s an easy one as well. They rip our hair damage the shaft causes split ends. So with the curly girl method you detangle your hair with your fingers while your hair is wet with conditioner in your hair. Theres another alternative as well with this you can use a Denman brush. I’ve never used them but a lot of naturalist use this to style their hair and detagle its supposed to be gentle on your hair.

well that’s it i tried to shorten it as much as i could. Theres so much! maybe ill do a video explaing it 🙂



DIY lip scrub

My lips seem to constantly stay cracked…I have no idea why…but I guess it’s just something that makes me, me lol but I do have a DIY that helps my lips and it can help yours as we’ll
I call it the Honey lip scrub


It’s a simple lip scrub it can be stored enough for a week


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just enough for your lips for one day or enough for use of 3 or 4 days for the week
Use enough sugar to make it gritty don’t mix the ingredients a lot to make sugar dissolve
you can add a little lemon if your wanting to lighten up your lips…like me I have two different colors darker top lip than my bottom lip.

Beauty Haul

I did a mini beauty haul today. I went to two different stores which was Target, Sally’s and Ulta.


I used used the a few products as soon as I got home cause of your like me…cause I can’t wait to get home and see how they look on me lol I lack patients
I tried the NYC (Preppy Pink) with a Matte finish. I like it but I’ve just gotta get used to the matte thing I think it would look better on darker colors vs. Light.





Next is my NYX Butter Gloss (Angel Food Cake)


I’m in love with this color!  It’s smooth and kinda thick…I love most all NYX products….
up next is my CK One Mascara (Black)


ok I don’t know I’ve seen people have mixed reviews on this.  But I’m a fan of it I really like it…
next is my NYX brow pencil I like this as well


I hope you guys like my little mini haul!

Wash and go: smooth in products or rake in? #naturalhair

I tried something different when I added product to my hair instead of raking it through I just smooth my leave in and then I applied my gel the same way….my hair turned out better and my curls clumped better…how do you apply your products in? And do anyone else try the smoothing method or the raking in….