My Current Regimen 2017


* DevaCurl Decadence*

No-Poo Decadence ( I split my hair in half like im about to do pig tails i grab a hair clip pin the one half im not working with back. now take a half-dollar size and apply it to your wet hair and make sure you work your way down and the shaft and rub your scalp then apply the next side once finished now rinse)

Once condition decadence ( I split my hair like i did when i shampoo my hair and with this i apply accordingly but not use a lot i just need enough to detagle my hair  with this you will need to work in small sections while raking it through so it will make detangling a breeze now do your whole head working it through make sure your hair is tangle free.

Now this step is optional i deep condition my hair once a week sometimes 2 i use deavacurl heaven in hair. i leave this in for 15min you can do longer if needed.

DevaCurl super cream coconut styler ( My hair seems to have better results while soaking wet I don’t put a towel in it i do it as soon as i cut the water off and apply my stylers so now Split hair like before use about 4 pumps and rake it in make sure it’s smoothed in good you want defined curls this is nearly your last step so make them pop. If your hair has enough styler in it you can here like a squishy sound that tells me my hair has enough if i dont hear that i need one more pump or half a pump. now do the next side.

Deva Curl Arc Angel gel now this is the strongest gel a little goes a long way with this. so i spit my hair again and work with one not pined up take a small section of hair and rake about a dime size amount in my hair i keep repeating all over my head.

When done i may not like the way my hair is falling. So i take a tad bit a gel rub my hands together and set the frame of my face to where i want my hair to fall


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