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Using Silicones

Well I decided to use silicone in my hair I was all about being The Curly Girl Method (CG) I’m not sold onto using Silicones in my hair I just wanted to open the door for a few changes and test the water out I decided to use Miss Jessie’s Pillow soft curls line and the leave in Condish and the mixed chicks and some Aussie moist line as well these are just some to test things out to see if I like it and see how my hair acts one my hair starts acting up it’s goodbye Silicones 😂 so my question to you guys that are hardcore CG friendly are you open to trying Silicones or have you done this already and saw no benefits from it? Comments below I’m curious to know your feedback

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Mielle Organics

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So today is wash day for me usually I try to do my hair on Mondays but sometimes work interferes with that but that’s life or just don’t feel like it sometimes 😂 so I had to do it today instead of yesterday

So today I used Mielle Organics products the Pomegranate & Honey line today I haven’t used in a little while so I decided to revisit them. Using them today made me miss how good it smells it actually puts you in a good mood 🤩😍🤩

Theres also a gel in this line which is not pictured it smells the same exact way I have it but this time I opted to use my tried and true eco styler gel (Clear) with them now this was my first time using eco in conjunction with those products but I just say it worked out good my hair is super soft 😇

New Makeup Brushes

So I had to get new makeup brushes Mikasa I needed some new eyebrows brushes and I decided to get a makeup blender called the lemon drop. The packaging is beautiful 😍 if you guys love makeup brushes and want to try Mikasa make brushes click the link 👉🏾 Mikasa Beauty also I’m dropping a coupon code for 25% off (onxycurls25) I suggest you guys try the Lemon drop makeup blender🍋 I’ll be doing a Eyebrow to tutorial as well with them on my YouTube channel!



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