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Now it’s 2014 Will The Natural Hair Trend Stay?

Last year the natural hair trend was big. Everywhere I looked I saw curly hair everywhere…from people who did the big chop, and even transitioning.


I saw tons of more celebrities who we’re rocking their curly hair last year on the red carpet and in movies from Kerry Washington and Teyonah Parris.


With me I’ve had other naturals come to me and ask me how do yo do it our how did i stay natural for so long…etc…and some say they can’t handle it….i work in retail a lot of people always ask me these question. But for me it’s all i know and nothing else because ive been natural my entire life. I guess i could understand others who just now starting out being natural which is hard for them all they know about is the perm which is complete opposite for me…I would tell others my hair would fall out because i don’t know how to take care of permed hair and don’t want to learn…Natural hair is easy for me.

So do you think that this year a lot of naturals are going back to to creamy crack?

i love my natural hair

Review on Eco Styler

I’ve finally went to Sally’s and bought eco styler olive oil. Which I’ve been saying for weeks, that I’m going to get some and, I finally got some.


Now that I’ve tried it with Tresemee Naturals my hair loves it! I will probably will be exterminating with more of the eco styler line. Most Definitely I will experiment with the protein one.

I’ve also have to test out using vo5 with it and see how that works out 🙂

what are your favorite leave in conditioners and gels?




Also I wanted to add that All Eco styler gels will be $2.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store on August 1st so now is the time to stock up on your favorite Eco styler gels! I know i will 🙂