Please SheaMoisture???

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10 Natural Hair Tips

1) Adding a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil to a palm-full of your regular conditioner will increase moisture for your hair 

2) Having problem with bed hair and there is now way to revive your curls? add some whipped Shea butter to those curls to help revive them or some aloe vera too Or just water works just as good to revive them.

3) Did you know that lavender calms you scalp? If you have problems with a dry itchy scalp this will work wonders!

4) shrinkage i have a little small solution to help with this…just grab a ponytail holder and put it in a low rabbit tail right at the nape leave it in for about 10 min and your hair will be longer! if your hair is shorter you can pull it a small ponytail and do the same. (remember not too tight!)

5) I know By morning, hair is flattened, frizzed and dried out, especially if you are sleeping on moisture sapping cotton pillow cases. A satin bonnet, pHusion wrap or satin pillowcases will help hair to maintain its moisture, and hydrated curls and coils are prettier much longer than dry, parched curls and coils….this is the best way to get that 2nd day hair and beyond!

6) Protective styling goes a long way…I know a lot of women who always wear their hair that way…the reason why it is good for your hair, it protects our hair from elements that may hurt our hair like. Like weather for instance. braids, twist, mini twist etc.  are proctective styling and even a puff…Protective stying keeps you from pulling and manipulating your hair.

(My Favorites from youtube protective stying )

7) Deep condition once a week this will put moisture back into your hair allows it to develop a healthier and manageable texture

9) I didn’t forget my transitional girls out there!

Avoid transitioning styles that put too much tension on your temples and the nape of your neck. The hair there is usually finer, thinner and more delicate! and one more…Depending on the length you had to start with, get a good trim each month. Remember to use hair shears and not regular scissors! and also where your natural texture meets your straight hair is called ( line of demarcation) is THE weakest part of you hair. Take your time when you detangling  and style your hair!

10) I know i had a few about night-time tips but this one helps keeps your curls at night…all you do is pineapple your hair at night ( I know i look funny lol)

Well there you have it my 10 tips! 🙂