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My Natural Hair Confessions

1. I have a little heat damage in the front of my hair.

2. I am a product junkie i’ve probably have enough hair products to open a store of my own.

3. I hate it when people touch my hair without permission i get annoyed.

4. I get tired when people ask if its all of my hair or if some of it weave.

5. I made peace with my natural hair only about a year ago and accepted my natural hair texture and embraced it.

6. I get really excited when someone wants to talk about hair and products 🙂

7. Im addicted to youtube i search youtube for new styles and products they use on their hair I love Naptural85 and MahoganyCurls

8. Bobby Pins gets lost in my hair all the time…dang i hate that lol

9. I dont like to do hair even though im good at i get asked all time to braid or do extension in their hair. I probably would make a killer! but my head is enough for me lol

10. I sometimes look at these pictures of short hair like pixie cuts and bobs i secretly want to cut my hair lol buuuut i look but no scissors will ever go to this head of mine unless it trimming my bad ends! lol


Got a Confession? I’d love to hear from you comment below…

Photo Source: Alex Cross





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Old wash and go

Sometimes I know we all get lazy and just throw our hair up in a bun when it’s really time to redo our hair well yesterday I decided against it lol some of may know I absolutely love my pompadour lol well that’s what I did lol and come Saturday I’ll be wearing a bun then hopefully Sunday I’ll tackle this hair of mine lol btw I’ll do a tutorial on my wash and go Sunday if everything goes as planned 🙂 enjoy your day guys!


Wash and go: smooth in products or rake in? #naturalhair

I tried something different when I added product to my hair instead of raking it through I just smooth my leave in and then I applied my gel the same way….my hair turned out better and my curls clumped better…how do you apply your products in? And do anyone else try the smoothing method or the raking in….