#TGIN Review 

I’ve rummaged the isle at target and countless times I’ve looked at all the TGIN products wondered how well they worked. Because it’s one of those you never really hear from.

So one day I just decided to cave in and buy the honey miracle hair mask. But before I bought it I did look at the reviews on the mask on amazon. But hey let me tell you it’s the most amazing thing on this planet. I’ve tried a lot of Deep conditioners and like found one that was like good but not perfect so I used the Sheamoisture super fruit complex. Like I said it was still missing something for me. But when I tried the TGIN honey miracle mask I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing! It is now my staple product I will not be using any other deep conditioner 🙏🏾 ever!  Here are the ingredients now it does have Dimethicone and other ingredients that May or may not be curly girl friendly.


So after getting hooked on the hair mask I caved in again I had to buy the twist and define cream which when I tried it it was good but did lack something made my hair hard. To me it was like a cream gel. Best way for me to describe it. But on the jar it does state that you need the buttercream after the twist in your hair dries apply the buttercream which I didn’t do that the first go around. Which caused my hair to feel dry. So which brings me to the next thing I bought from their line is the butter cream daily moisturizer. So after my braids dried I applied very little to each braid and then took my braidout out down.

So with that added step it made my hair so soft no flyaways no frizz! But with that added step  my hair lasted well over 9 days! So that’s a win for me in my book! 

Hopefully I’ll be able to try more of their products soon!

Thanks guys see you soon!

Getting back to blogging!

So yes I’m back to blogging. I’ve missed it! So I’m getting back full throttle hopefully I can get a post in everyday.

Some days it’ll be about hair sometimes about life world happenings beauty tips DiY 

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5th day hair with Camille Rose



The almond Jai works pretty well in my hair. It’s heavy for my hair but a little goes a long way. I styled my twist/permed rod set with about 60 percent wet to makes drying time go by easier and faster over night.

So I also bought the curlaid the other day because I fell in love with this one.  I love how thick it is it makes a great use for winter time.
I totally can no wait to use the other one I purchased 

My Natural Hair Confessions

1. I have a little heat damage in the front of my hair.

2. I am a product junkie i’ve probably have enough hair products to open a store of my own.

3. I hate it when people touch my hair without permission i get annoyed.

4. I get tired when people ask if its all of my hair or if some of it weave.

5. I made peace with my natural hair only about a year ago and accepted my natural hair texture and embraced it.

6. I get really excited when someone wants to talk about hair and products🙂

7. Im addicted to youtube i search youtube for new styles and products they use on their hair I love Naptural85 and MahoganyCurls

8. Bobby Pins gets lost in my hair all the time…dang i hate that lol

9. I dont like to do hair even though im good at i get asked all time to braid or do extension in their hair. I probably would make a killer! but my head is enough for me lol

10. I sometimes look at these pictures of short hair like pixie cuts and bobs i secretly want to cut my hair lol buuuut i look but no scissors will ever go to this head of mine unless it trimming my bad ends! lol


Got a Confession? I’d love to hear from you comment below…

Photo Source: Alex Cross