Still going with my beloved Deva curl decadence 😍 I’ve been faithfully using it for a month and I can say that my hair seems to be getting better and better each time I use it. My curls are more defined with each use since I’ve done my mini chop a month ago. I’m waiting for the new devacurl build up buster to come out. Who’s waiting????!!! πŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎ make sure you sign up for early access on their website I can’t wait! πŸ˜©


The Cut

So I’m sure y’all been waiting on what the drastic change was…….

I cut my hair!!! Β It was a bitter sweet thing. I didn’t want to but I did a mini big chop as you guys who followed me for a while knew I had heat damaged I announced it about 2015 stating I was in the way of finding new methods of styling my hair and blending in two different textures Β it was hard but it was worth it. I was so sad I’ve always had long hair that’s what made it really hard for me so when I pull a curl down it’s collar bone length so I did good transitioning for 1 year and 7 months. So let the journey start back over wish me luck!!!!

So I went about 1 year and 7 months transitioning out of natural hair heat damage.


Deva Curl

I bought the new thing that now everyone is nearly talking about in the curly hair wold. Deva Curl decadence. I tried it out 3 days ago. I can’t say anything bad about it it’s moisturizing on my locks. So check out my next blog post which will be posted sooner than you think you’ll be shocked 😱😱😱 

#TGIN ReviewΒ 

I’ve rummaged the isle at target and countless times I’ve looked at all the TGIN products wondered how well they worked. Because it’s one of those you never really hear from.

So one day I just decided to cave in and buy the honey miracle hair mask. But before I bought it I did look at the reviews on the mask on amazon. But hey let me tell you it’s the most amazing thing on this planet. I’ve tried a lot of Deep conditioners and like found one that was like good but not perfect so I used the Sheamoisture super fruit complex. Like I said it was still missing something for me. But when I tried the TGIN honey miracle mask I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing! It is now my staple product I will not be using any other deep conditioner πŸ™πŸΎ ever!  Here are the ingredients now it does have Dimethicone and other ingredients that May or may not be curly girl friendly.


So after getting hooked on the hair mask I caved in again I had to buy the twist and define cream which when I tried it it was good but did lack something made my hair hard. To me it was like a cream gel. Best way for me to describe it. But on the jar it does state that you need the buttercream after the twist in your hair dries apply the buttercream which I didn’t do that the first go around. Which caused my hair to feel dry. So which brings me to the next thing I bought from their line is the butter cream daily moisturizer. So after my braids dried I applied very little to each braid and then took my braidout out down.

So with that added step it made my hair so soft no flyaways no frizz! But with that added step  my hair lasted well over 9 days! So that’s a win for me in my book! 

Hopefully I’ll be able to try more of their products soon!

Thanks guys see you soon!

Getting back to blogging!

So yes I’m back to blogging. I’ve missed it! So I’m getting back full throttle hopefully I can get a post in everyday.

Some days it’ll be about hair sometimes about life world happenings beauty tips DiY 

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